You go to the doctor for a yearly check-up — shouldn’t your pet?

A consistent wellness and prevention routine will keep your animal companion healthy from their first weeks of life and on through their adult and senior years. Extended care across your pet’s lifespan is something we at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital strive for, and a diversity of wellness and preventative treatments for all patients helps make this possible.

Pet Wellness Care

With regular wellness exams, vaccinations, proper homecare, and routine pet dental appointments, you will be doing everything necessary to ensure your companion stays healthy for life. Keeping your pet in the best of health requires a comprehensive approach, but it doesn›t have to be difficult. In fact, a yearly appointment is all it takes to keep an otherwise healthy pet happy and yourself worry free. We offer custom wellness programs for puppies and kittens, adult animals, and senior pets too. And each one starts with a thorough physical exam.