At Black Creek Veterinary Hospital, we work to provide complete medical services to care for your beloved pet throughout their lifetime. Forging meaningful relationships with clients and patients alike, and offering diverse options for the treatment of all sorts of medical conditions, our practice strives to give you more.

Comprehensive care for household pets and some farm animals at our facility includes:

  • Pet Wellness and Preventative Medicine : general health exams, vaccinations, and ownership consultation from our professional veterinarians and technicians.
  • Veterinary Surgery : routine spays and neuters, effective treatments for wound management, illness, and medical conditions that require surgical intervention.
  • In-House Diagnostics and Pet X-ray : internal diagnostics using digital X-ray technology and our own in-house laboratory for blood work and diagnostic tests.
  • Dog and Cat Dental Care : routine care for your companion’s teeth, good wellness through regular cleanings, minor surgery, and take-home dental care kits.
  • Veterinary Orthopedics : surgical procedures to repair fractures, facilitate healing, and treat musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative conditions.
  • Pet Hospitalization and Intensive Care : sustained care for critical patients, pets in need of constant monitoring and/or medication, and those in recovery from injury, illness or surgery.
  • Boarding Services : climate-controlled accommodations for your animal companion feature access to the outdoors and complete medical services from our attentive staff.
  • Stem Cell Therapy : new, in-house technology for arthritis, degenerative disease, and stem cell banking.

In the event that a particular case cannot be fully addressed by the treatments and services above, or if your pet requires emergency veterinary care or overnight monitoring, we will be able to provide referrals to trusted emergency and specialty veterinary practices in our area. We always use our best judgment in these cases, and work to provide our patients with just the care they need — even if it’s unavailable at our facility. For emergency referrals we work closely with Clay-Duval Pet Emergency Clinic.

Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding the services above or if you’d like to make an appointment for your animal today.