Sometimes, in the course of care, your pet may need to stay with us for a short time to ensure a full recovery. This may be necessary following extensive surgery, injury, or illness. Black Creek Veterinary Hospital has the ability to fully care for your pet’s every need, with complete intensive care services in addition to multimodal post-op and recovery treatments.

Pet Monitoring and Hospitalization
Whether your pet needs intensive care to ensure recovery from a severe injury, basic monitoring after surgery, or something in between, our caring veterinarians and staff will be there to provide all the attention your pet needs to get well again.

We can provide full IV and catheter fluid therapy in any situation where dehydration or fluid loss presents risks to your pet’s health. Treating kidney disease in cats and dogs is one instance where fluid therapy is crucial.

At any time when consistent daytime monitoring or attention to an illness is required, we use state of the art equipment to keep tabs each patient’s pulse, temperature, and vitals. Oxygen therapy is also available to pets facing with respiratory complications. All monitoring and intensive care is provided alongside constant supervision. Any necessary medications will also be readily available from our compassionate technicians.

Referrals for 24 Hour Monitoring
While we have the ability to keep pets overnight at the hospital, we also work closely with local emergency hospitals to refer our patients for complete 24 hour and overnight hospitalization. Referrals are made dependent on the severity of each individual case. We will always discuss all available options so you can make the best possible decisions regarding the care your pet receives.

Please get in touch if you’d like more information on hospitalization services and referral policy here at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital.