At Black Creek Veterinary Hospital, we offer complete soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries for dogs and cats, with the ability to treat other select animal types in our surgical suite.

Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgeries
Soft tissue procedures available from our veterinarians include routine and advanced surgeries, enabling us to treat a wide range of pet medical conditions. These include:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Wound repair
  • Exploratory procedures
  • Gastrointestinal foreign body removal
  • External and internal mass removal
  • Cystotomy procedures to remove bladder stones
  • C-sections and reproductive medicine
  • Gastropexy — a surgery used to prevent bloat in dogs
  • Ocular and eyelid surgeries

The list could go on, and it certainly does. Our veterinarians are committed to providing your pet with the high quality surgical care they need to heal, stay healthy, and live a fulfilling life.

Protocol for Veterinary Surgery
At Black Creek Veterinary Hospital, we make sure that you’re informed about every detail of your pet’s surgery. After an initial evaluation of your pet’s case and a full examination, we’ll run pre-anesthetic blood work to make sure anesthesia and medications won’t pose a serious risk. Our assessment may also include necessary X-rays for your pet. After determining the proper course of treatment, we’ll discuss the options available to you to find the best solution within your price range.

All patients receive constant monitoring and professional anesthesia during surgery. Pain management in the pre- and post-op stages, antibiotics, fluid therapy, and any essential blood work will be provided based on your pet’s condition.

As part of standard surgery protocol at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital, we’ll also provide you with a discharge instructions when you take your friend home. This includes a detailed profile of your pet’s surgery, and recommendations for homecare and a full recovery.

Please call us if you would like more information.