We proudly offer full service boarding for dogs, cats, pigs and the occasional pocket pet.

Dogs boarding with us get plenty of play time with 4 walks daily. The middle two walks really focus on energy expending social interaction.

Cats enjoy their own wing of the hospital when boarding with us. Our Cat Room overlooks our lobby so our feline guests get plenty of visual stimulation while boarding. Cats are allowed play time in the cat room throughout the day.

Pigs enjoy the same amenities as our canine boarders and enjoy four walks a day.

On the occasions where we board pocket pets, rabbits, etc they are kept in our hospital area or isolation area to reduce stress.

Day Care

We are so excited to now be offering doggie daycare to our clients. Families lead busy lives and may not be able to offer their canine companions the time that is needed for adequate exercise and socialization. The activity and stimulation that day care provides can help in preventing undesirable behaviors.


Training is an important part of having a happy, healthy relationship with your dog. We have a full time professional to help accommodate your canine companions training needs. We offer all types of training from beginner puppy classes to private lessons. Your dog can also participate in training while staying with us for boarding or daycare.

Play Groups

Dogs that are boarding with us or that come for doggie day care have the chance to participate in play groups. These are for dogs that are social and enjoy interacting with other dogs. Play groups are assigned based on a dog’s temperament, size and age. We have play groups twice a day.

Feeding and Medications

Dogs boarding with us are fed Purina Pro Plan EN Veterinary GI diet if their own food is not provided. This diet is easy on their digestive system and can be fed to dogs of all ages. Cats boarding with us are fed Purina Pro Plan DM Veterinary Diet if their own food is not provided. We are happy to maintain your pets regular medication routine while they board with us.


We offering full service bathing for all clients. Baths are available Monday-Friday and to all boarders before check out.