When their owners head out of town, we love having cats and dogs stays with us in our boarding area. Companion animals of all kinds are welcome at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital—we’ve even made accommodations for small and exotic pets, and have had some very interesting guests in our time as boarders. We offer this simple service to give our clients a safe, compassionate, and dependable caretaker for their pets. Our facility features all the necessities to provide your animal companion with a comfortable stay for the weekend, a holiday, or any short period if you’re headed out of town.

Our Pet Boarding Area: Inside and Out
Boarding accommodations at Black Creek Veterinary Hospital feature a large outdoor exercise area where your canine friend will have plenty of space to run around and get fresh air. The area is safe and secure, providing dogs with a pleasant environment for recreation and physical activity.

Inside, the boarding area is climate controlled year-round to maintain a comfortable temperature for all of our guests, with sufficient ventilation to keep pets safe and happy. Different sized cages with regular walks, playtime, and regular food and water all ensure that your animal companion will have everything he or she needs during their stay with us.

Boarding Reservations for Your Pet
All boarding services require a reservation. Each pet must be up to date on all vaccinations, with a recent physical exam by one of our doctors to ensure good health of all guests. To request your pet’s stay, simply call us in advance. Our boarding facilities can fill up fast, especially around the holidays. Contacting us with plenty of notice is the best way to guarantee a spot for your pet.

Special Accommodations
While in our care, guests will have the full attention of our staff. If medical assistance is ever needed, our veterinarians will be on hand to provide immediate care. Likewise, our friendly boarding staff will do everything to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible. We also work closely with two area services, the Happy Dog Inn and Poochies Park and Boarding in Orange Park, to refer our clients to top-quality dog boarders with the capability for special care and extended stays.

Give us a call to make a reservation or to learn more about boarding options for your pet today.