Veterinary Assistants / Kennel Technicians

Miranda Brown

Miranda joined our team in 2018. She calls working here her “ dream job “ as she has always wanted to work with animals. She works in our kennel and does her best to make sure that every pet staying with us is treated like they were her own as well as keeping the clients informed of how their pets are doing while here. She lives with her boyfriend, Jordan, their dog, Titan, and two cats, Milo and Otis. 

“ Everything happens for a reason “

Alexa Preciado

Alexa joined our team in 2019. She is super excited to be working with us as she hopes to pursue vet school one day. She says that waking up everyday to come to work to take care of and spend time with animals is something that she truly enjoys. Her goal while working is to provide the best care possible and treat every animal as if it were her own. She lives with her husband, Shane and their two dogs, Hemi and Nala. 

“ If you find something you love to do everyday, you will never work a day in your life.”

Josie Alexander

Josie joined our team in 2017 . She chose to work in the veterinary field to see if this was a career she may be interested in pursuing after high school. Her goal while here is to keep every client / patient happy while they are visiting our hospital whether for an appointment or for boarding. She lives at home with her dad, step – mom, little brother and Jack Russel, Buster. 

“ Strive to be the best and do the best you can everyday”

Jonny Cooper

Jonny has been with us since 2016. Jonny started working in the veterinary field due to his mom already working as a veterinary receptionist and he is very glad she introduced him to the field. His goal is to do his job quickly and efficiently so that both client and patient are happy. He believes that family consists of the people who you can trust and kick back and have a laugh with, doesn’t matter who they are. 

“Spread positivity to other people and it will come back”

Kylie Reis

Kylie joined our team in 2017. Since she was young Kylie  always knew that her career path would be intertwined with animals. It wasn’t until she realized her hometown did not have a large animal veterinarian within a 4 hour drive that she decided to work her way through the veterinary field. Her goal is to satisfy the clients needs and to ensure a successful visit. She lives with her family that includes her father John, mother Jennifer,  two younger sisters Taylor and Adilynn, grandmother Bobbie sue Gibson, her two cats sunny and lady and rabbit potato. 

“Remember where you come from and who you come from.”

Jimmy Escolero

Jimmy joined our team in 2019. He started here as a volunteer and then joined our kennel staff. He has always had a love for animals and wanted to work with them. He strives to give all of our patients the best care possible. He lives at home with his Mom, Dad, two brothers, and pets ( Buttercup and Buster ).