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Cutting Edge Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

Black Creek Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer a new, unique methodology for combatting severe forms of arthritis and injury in cats and dogs. We are the only general practice pet care facility in our area currently offering the option of veterinary stem cell therapy to our clients. The uses of this special treatment are many, and we look forward to using this technology to help animal companions in our community overcome a wide range of difficult ailments.

Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy: An Overview

Stem cell technology has long been used in human medicine to help curb the side effects of chemotherapy, with a wealth of speculation as to other potential uses. In the veterinary field, stem cell therapies can be used to treat severe forms of arthritis in cats and dogs by helping to regenerate the missing tissue that keeps bones and joints working smoothly. By restoring this essential material, stem cell treatments can effectively reverse painful and degenerative arthritis symptoms in our four-legged friends.

To date, our veterinarians have applied this methodology with positive results in cases of canine and feline osteoarthritis and immune-mediated arthritis. Utilizing Medi-vet professional stem cell equipment, we aim to expand this area of our practice to include advanced treatment for fractures and wounds, as well as stem cell banking services.

We are very proud to continue Black Creek Veterinary Hospital’s mission of progressive, compassionate pet care. For more information on the uses of stem cell therapy for companion animals, please contact us to speak with a member of our practice team.

Further Reading

Black Veterinary Hospital is the first pet care practice in our area to offer stem cell treatments. Check out the Florida-Times Union story on Cookie, Middleburg’s first canine stem cell therapy patient for the full details, featuring direct commentary from our owner, Dr. Craig Price.

We highly recommend the overview of Medi-vet cat and dog stem cell therapy on the Medi-vet website. Here you’ll find penty of reliable information straight from the manufacturer of the equipment we are currently using to provide regenerative medical services to our patients.

Further coverage of the topic, plus a look at the implications of veterinary stem cell treatment to human arthritis, can also be found at the Arthritis Foundation’s Arthritis Today article on stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis in pets.